Lockdown Science Activity: Erupting Volcano

We did this experiment a few years ago when the kids were still young but I thought it would be a great activity for kids stuck at home. Most of what you’ll need for this can be found in any home with a kid 🙂

First things first, you need about three packs of clay to make two volcanoes. The kids can help with this.I actually used the container of the clay to form base. I then put a small shallow plastic container on top which will hold my baking soda for the eruption.

For the volcano, we used red and black clay. I couldn’t find brown clay but that would have been perfect. I also got a bit of green and blue clay to complete the look — with grass and a small lake. Don’t forget the small dinosaur toys.

Volcano 1
Pre-eruption volcanoes

Fill the shallow cup about half way with baking soda.

Explain the concept of a volcano eruption with keywords like lava, extinct and fossil.

Then prepare your magic erupting liquid:

Volcano 3
There she blows!

Pour it in and watch the kids have fun.

Volcano 4
“Oh no! Let’s save the dinosaurs!”
No fossilized dinos here. They’ve all been saved!

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