Lockdown Activity for Kids: Bubbles

A fun activity to do at home with kids of any age is to make your own bubble formula. It’s pretty easy to do and you probably have the ingredients at home.

You will need:

To make:

1. Pour the liquid dishsoap in your mixing container. 2. Slowly and gently add water to avoid making bubbles while mixing them. 3. Add the sugar to the mixture and gently stir.

Adding sugar to the water and dish soap combination.

I read a lot of tips about adding glycerin or corn syrup to make the bubbles last longer but we had neither so we went with the basic recipe and it really worked.

We had an empty bubble solution which already had a wand, so we just re-used that. If you don’t have one, you can make a bubble want with chicken wire. Piple cleaners are also great for making DIY bubble wands.

We wanted to make the bubbles last a bit longer, so we tried adding one teaspoon of cornstarch. It makes the solution less bubbly, but the bubbles last one or two seconds longer.

As an added bonus, we did some scientific observations by talking about and noting down the difference between the formula with and without the cornstarch.


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