Lockdown Recipe: Country Fair Donuts

If you’ve ever been to a country fair in the US or one of the shows in New Zealand (like the annual Easter Show), you’d come across these yummy treats of deep fried little donuts. They’re usually called Little Orbits, but may have other brands.

Here’s an easy way to recreate that recipe at home for you and the kids to enjoy.

What you’ll need:

How to do it:

1. Follow package instructions on the pancake mix, replacing water with milk.

2. Fill a piping bag with the mix so you can do donut shapes when frying them. If you don’t have a piping bag, use a snap-lock bag and cut one end so you can pipe out the mix from there (this is what I did because I can’t find my piping bag).

3. Make your cinnamon sugar mix by combining two parts brown sugar, 2 parts white sugar and 1 part cinnamon powder.

4. You can deep fry it or just shallow fry the donut shapes and turn it over when the under side starts to turn golden brown. When the side facing you starts to form bubbles, that’s when you’ll know its time to turn it over.

5. Pat the donuts dry to remove excess oil when they are done frying. While they are still warm, toss them into the cinnamon-sugar mix. I like putting them all in a clean paper bag and just shaking them up.

There you have it, beautiful country fair donuts!

Easy to make country fair donuts using pancake mix plus milk.

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