Art Activity for Kids: Graphite Transfer

Graphite pencils or graphite blocks are among our favourite art tools, but don’t really get much use around kids (who usually prefer colourful pens and pencils). One way to use it is to tranfer images or image outlines, which can be a great first step to learning realistic drawing.

Here’s what you need:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Flip your the image that you want to copy so that it is facing down and you are looking at the backside. On the backside, shade the entire area of the image with your 6B graphite block or graphite pencil.
  2. Flip your image over again so that it is facing you. Put this on top of the paper where you want the image to be copied.
  3. Trace over the image with a pen. We are recommending using a printed image instead of a photo for this reason.
  4. The paper under should now show the image that you want to copy.

Below is a video of how we did this:


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