Art Activity for Kids: Coffee Painting

This week, we’re back in lockdown for a few days due to a community transmission of Covid-19, so we’re back to doing art at home for kids and school lessons are online again.

Today, we did a quick art collaboration using coffee to paint. It was a fun activity working with just one colour in different shades. Plus, the final artwork smells so good.

The little girl wanted to do art that had to do with mother nature — in a face mask! I did the base drawing for her and she did all the painting. Coffee painting can be difficult since you’re only working with different hues of the same colour, this means layering. We had to exercise patience and wait for one layer to dry before working on another. We did a wash of the lightest colour first, then the midtone and finally did the lines and the highlights in the darkest tone.

To make the colours, we used about 3 teaspoons of instant coffee granules:

  • Lightest: 1/2 teaspoon coffee with 1 teaspoon water
  • Midtone: 1:1, 1 teaspoon coffee with 1 teaspoon water
  • Darkest: 2 teaspoons coffee with 1 teaspoon water

Here’s the end result:

Here’s a video of how we did it:


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