Lockdown Science Activity: Cup Telephone

Looking for simple home science experiments for kids? This classic experiment is one of the easiest ones to do at home and is fun for children of all ages. Take old-fashioned tin can telephone concept and use whatever materials you have at home.

You only need two things:

  • Any piece of string
  • 2 cups (plastic, paper or tin cans would work for this)
Most types of string and cups would work for this.

What you need to do:

1. Put holes on the bottom of the 2 cups. If you’re using tin cans, use a nail and a hammer to make the holes. If you’re using paper cups, you can use a sewing needle or scissors to do it. We found these unused plastic party cups so we used these.

2. Thread the string you have through the holes.Most types of strings would work. I’ve tried this before with a piece of yarn and balloon strings. This time, we found some nylon string and used that. Inelastic strings work best.

3. Knot the ends of the strings inside the cup. Set up your phone by pulling the string taut between the two cups.


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