Art Activity for Kids: Scratch Art

This one is a fun and easy to do art activity which only requires a piece of paper, wax crayons and something to scratch with (like a bamboo skewer).

To do this, you need to do one layer of colour. Try different patterns such as concentric circles or stripes. You can also just keep the paper blank if you want to do black and white scratch art instead.

Next, colour a layer of black with wax crayon (such as Crayola). When you’ve fully covered the page, you can start scraching it.

Alternatively, you can use any paint or colouring medium on the bottom layer, just make sure it dries first. Once that’s done. You can put a candle on its side and just roll it on top so the wax can transfer to the paper. Then, just paint it or colour it black on top.

If you have neither crayons or a candle, another way to do it is with cellotape. Colour the bottom layer as usual (let it dry if you are using watercolour or acrylic paint). Next, cover the entire paper in cellotape. Then, paint it with black on top. It will have a glossy finish when you scratch off the matte layer, but it works the same way.

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